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Down Under Cream Ale

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Batch Size (gallons)6.08
Recipe typeAll Grain
Style6A. Cream Ale
Original Gravity1.052
Final Gravity1.011
ABV5.38% (basic)   /   5.37% (advanced)       [what's this?]
Color5.3 SRM
Boil Time60 min

YeastDCL/Fermentis US-05 (Safale American)

Pilsner (2 Row) UK8 lbs78.4%1
Rice, Flaked2 lbs 3.2 oz21.6%1

Green Bullet (Boil).5 oz4513.5%16
Motueka (Boil)1.5 oz57%5

DirectionsOriginally meant to have an OG around 1.043, my new pump/continuous sparge/ghetto-RIMS method gave me a 10% bump in efficiency from my usual 70%. Mashed using the BIAB Full Body Profile in Beersmith.

Pilsner Malt was double crushed/BIAB crushed from TheMaltMiller.

Flaked Rice was bought from the puddings section of the supermarket rather than LHBS. Cheaper and comes in small 1/2lb bags for easy dosing into your mash.

Added a teaspoon of Whirlfloc at around 10 minutes left. 

Fermented at the lower end of US-05's recommended range. Was at FG within 7 days, left it another 2 then cold crashed with gelatin before kegging. Kegged at 30 PSI for 24 hours, down to 20 PSI for another 24 hours then down to serving pressure. 

After initial carbonation, this had a solid resinous taste at first, not dissimilar to Jaegarmeister.

After a few more days this had subsided though was still detectable for the first few mouthfuls. After that it becomes a pleasant citrusy tropical mishmash that's dangerously easy to drink, even at the increased ABV.

Skirts the style guidelines of Cream Ale by a few points on either side, though easy to adjust. As always, US-05 is entirely professional and leaves no traces of its passing.

Seems like a great basic grain bill to try out unfamiliar hops in, especially if you lack lagering facility.

CreditsBased on the idea of a hoppy cream ale by jjp36 on HomebrewTalk

This all grain Cream Ale homebrew recipe was submitted by mattzm.