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Strong Golden Braggot

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Batch Size (gallons)11
Recipe typeAll Grain
Style99. Other
Original Gravity1.086
Final Gravity1.002
ABV11.03% (basic)   /   11.1% (advanced)       [what's this?]
Color4.6 SRM
Boil Time75 min

YeastThe Yeast Bay (Dry Belgian Ale)

Pilsner (2 Row) German24 lbs 15.9984 oz73.5%2
Honey8 lbs23.5%1
Wheat Malt, Bel1 lb2.9%2

Hallertau Magnum (First Wort)1 oz750%24
Saaz (Boil).99 oz54%1
Tettnang (Steep/whirlpool)3.53 oz154.5%3.7

DirectionsStandard Hochkurz step mash at 1.5 Qt/G, 148F for 60 minutes, 158F for 15, 168F Mash out for 10. Fly sparge.

Reserve honey for high krausen.

This can go into either Belgian Strong Golden, Belgian Specialty or Mead/Braggot for competitions.

Pitch at 65F and let free rise to 68F through half of the sugar break. At high krausen (24-36 hours), pull quart of beer, blend with 4# of the honey and add back to fermenter (sanitized vessel and blender used). 24 hours later, repeat with remaining honey.

Note: You will be adding oxygen with the honey addition. This is fine as it is early in the process. Use a blow off - the krausen ring was 26 inches high in my conical. First time any batch touched the lid.

Very spicy, boozy and pale. Kegged to 3 volumes of carbonation. Apple and pear esters, black pepper, Fine honey character and spice in the background. Low to medium clover honey and grass notes.

Booze is apparent, but clean. No fusels.

This all grain Other homebrew recipe was submitted by mchrispen.