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Warwick, RI
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The amount are equal to the style for proper carbonation. the amounts
are different but with using two different priming sugars I I achieved
the same carbonation levels, if that makes it a little clearer I can see
how I made it more confusing than it is.

Posted 34 days ago.

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>I achieved the same carbonation levels,

My question is, where did you get the numbers for the amounts of priming sugar you used?  From the recipe?  From an online calculator?  Is it just something you know from long experience?  The amount of DME you used appears to be somewhat less than BeerSmith2 would have recommended, but basically exactly what HomebrewDad's priming calculator says (And Northern Brewer).  I'm starting to feel like BS2 probably has it wrong...which is scary, because I've been trusting BS2 will basically all the math. Did you get that 2.77oz number from the calculator on this site, or from some other source?  If so, that makes BeerSmith's numbers look even more like the odd man out.

Posted 34 days ago.

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