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Here in the middle of a town I could have hives on the roof, there is a certain radius within there should be food for the bees, especially in spring as their flight radius is smaller then. This can be gardens with flowers, a park, trees, a meadow etc.

Parsnip tastes like a cross between potato and carrot with a bit of parsley and turnips. Very soft and sweet with a little sharpness. It's that typical sharpness that comes through in the beer, but faint. Parsnip also can be the base of wine, especially sherry like wines. Although mostly translated/interpreted as sherry Fallstaffs favourite drink 'Sack' was actually strong parsnip wine. Just buy one parsnip and cook like a potato to get the taste of it.

Posted 34 days ago.

Washougal, WA
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Yeah hives themselves are something like a 2 foot cube. You just need to have forage in the area for your bees, they can travel a few miles from the hive to collect pollen/nectar. If you live in the suburbs you'll likely be fine, inner city detroit could present some difficulties...

If you don't relish the idea of beekeeping you can always check on craigslist to see if there's already someone selling locally produced honey in your area, you probably won't find much of anything for that this time of year, but check in mid-late spring through late fall.

Posted 34 days ago.

Oklahoma City, OK
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Ahhh well I know some people have hives in cities as others have states. I guess I just take for granted the land situation as my parents have 5 acres. We plan on putting a couple hives on part of the property. We want to cut and burn about an acre field behind the house and plant it full of clover. If you are going to be having a fairly large garden and have others in the area that do as well, or are close to large fields you might be able to support a hive or 2. 

Posted 34 days ago.

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