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Charter Member
Toronto, Canada
77 Posts

I've been browsing through the Recently Updated feed and whenever I click on a link, usually the post title, it takes me to the last page of the thread. It can get confusing because I keep forgetting and getting confused by the first post looks more like a reply than a question.

Can we change that?

Posted 34 days ago.

Houston, Tx
161 Posts

maybe I'm alone, but I prefer that it takes me to the most recent posts.. either I've been paying attention to the thread, and know what people have said.. or I can go back and read the comments/posts on page one (the way it is now).. taking me directly to the first page of a post I've already been following might be a little annoying.. 

I honestly think reddit has one of the best formats for encouraging back and forth discussions (provided the downvote trolls aren't targeting relevant and useful comments) while formats like this and HBT seem like one giant conversation that can get cluttered.. not knowing who is responding to who, having multiple pages, etc.. (trying not to criticize too harshly.. I really like this forum..)

Posted 34 days ago.

Charter Member
Birmingham, AL
2480 Posts

It's by design that it goes to the most recent page.  I could make this a setting chooseable by the user as opposed to a global value, however.

Posted 34 days ago.

Charter Member
Riverside, CA
313 Posts

IMO, it should go to page 1, or two where that individual reader last read. 

I would also prefer the option to have 50 or 100 posts show per thread, so I don't have to wade through the pages. (but you know... I hate forum formatting)

Posted 34 days ago.

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