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Bastrop, TX
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No photo this time. Drank this from my Yazoo Brewery Goblet.

American Pale Ale - 10A

Aroma - Sweet malt, Citrusy and bright hop aromas, slight cut fruit esters - apple, pear, peach. Mild grassy note. No off aromas, Apple not Acetic.


Appearance - Medium gold, hazy (bottle conditioned?) Poured with a huge rocky head, falls to thin cap, offwhite and rocky.


Flavor - Medium malt sweetness, grainy. Well attenuated. Restrained bitterness and hop character. Good balance toward a British IPA with US/NZ hop notes. Lemony, Orange jam. Lingering pleasant aftertaste.


Mouthfeel - Medium body, high carbonation, no alcohol warmth. Medium creaminess (oats). No astringency. Citric Acid taste but no apparent minerally character.


Overall Impressions: Another great beer. Perhaps closer to British IPA than APA, great body and balance. I would prefer better clarity, but this drinks smoothly. Oats add a nice silky mouthfeel. A bit more sulfate might help to sharpen up the hops and lightly dry the finish.


Total 41/50

I struggled with this score as the beer was very well made - so no real deductions for being on the edge of the style. As mentioned, I suspect this would do better with a far dryer finish and sharper hop character. I read that you counterpressure filled the bottle, but the bottom had a bit of sediment resulting in some haze. If this was in competition as an APA, I suspect you would score in the mid to high 30's. I really enjoyed this beer - good drinker and I appreciate the restrained bitterness and big hop flavors!

Cheers! Matt

Posted 34 days ago.

Houston, TX
485 Posts

Thanks for the feedback Matt!

I apologize for the haze, I'm fairly certain I can explain that. When I counterpressure filled this batch, I decided to bottle two different kegs. I had an oatmeal stout that I had just carbed up and this beer (which was about 1/3-1/2 full). On this beer, I ended up kicking the keg while bottling, and I noticed that the last 3-5 beers ended up picking up a fair amount of sediment from the bottom of the keg. I SHOULD have checked and made sure I didn't send you one of those, but I forgot to do that.

In regards to the review, I really appreciate the thoughtfulness you put into it. I'm especially happy about your last statement, as I was really shooting for something that had relatively low IBUs while having a nice hop flavor to it. If I were to brew it again, I think I would up the dry hop (although this beer was brewed nearly 5 months ago, probably contributing to aroma loss), and probably up the flameout addition as well. I was hoping for a little bit more of that nice hop juiciness at the end. I also really like the suggestion to up the sulfate levels in this beer for a sharper hop flavor. I think next time I'll tweak my water to an IPA profile and up that SO4/Cl ratio a bit.

Thanks again for the feedback Matt, I really appreciate it. I hope you like the last beer as well, although I feel that it's probably the weakest of the bunch (although I've been blown away by how positive your feedback has been!)


Posted 34 days ago.

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