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Help Promote the BrewUnited Challenge, and win a Javelin PRO Digital Thermometer!

Posted by homebrewdad on 7/26/2016 at 12:51:08 AM

2016 BrewUnited Challenge Logo

In 2015, it took twenty-seven days for the BrewUnited Challenge to meet our entry cap of three hundred beers. This year, we hit that same number in seventeen days. However, things have slowed down just a bit - as of right now, we're right at three hundred fifty entries out of our five hundred beer cap, with fewer than five SMaSH entries left.

Now, I fully understand how these things work; people tend to enter right as entries begin to be accepted, things trickle off, then there is one more big push right at the entry deadline. I have no doubt that we will easily make our five hundred beer limit... but to tell the honest truth, I'm a bit impatient. I'm tired of waiting, and I'd like to be able to approach further new sponsors with the fact that we're already full.

Well, my impatience is a good thing for you! To help get us over the hump, I've decided to appeal to your need for cool brewing equipment - namely, I am happy to announce a fun little contest where BrewUnited will give away a Javelin PRO digital thermometer (link is to my review of the regular Javelin).

The point of the contest, of course, is to get the word out about this year's BrewUnited Challenge. The following items will get you entered into the contest:
  • Post a link to the 2016 BrewUnited Challenge on Facebook, Twitter, other social media, or a website forum where such posts are allowed - 1 entry
  • Get the BrewUnited Challenge mentioned in your local homebrew club's email list or newsletter - 1 entry
  • Have someone mention your name as the person that referred them to the Challenge - 2 entries
  • Blog about the BrewUnited Challenge - 2 entries
  • Like the BrewUnited facebook page - 1 bonus entry*
  • Enter the BrewUnited Challege - 1 bonus entry*
  • Help set up special advertising for the BrwewUnited Challenge - ??? entries**
The drawing will be held August 22nd, 2015, or the next business day after the five hundred entry cap is reached - whichever comes first.

There is no limit as to the number of entries that you may fairly earn. However, only one post per location per week will be counted for entry purposes. For instance, a post to your general Facebook feed plus a post to a Facebook homebrewing group would earn you two entries. That said, posting to either item every day would NOT gain you extra entries - we don't want people to feel like we are spamming.

For your entry to count, please either send a link where your post is visible, a screenshot showing your post (in the case of a closed group or the like), or a photo of your efforts (say, your LHBS puts up a sign promoting the Challenge, or your homewbrew club prints about it in a flyer) to [email protected]. If we can't verify the entry, it doesn't count!

* - Bonus entries may only be earned if you earn at least one normal entry. Bonus entries ARE retroactive. In other words, if you already like the BrewUnited Facebook and have already entered the Challenge, you are eligible for two bonus entries IF you at least post a link to the Challenge on your Facebook page.

** - Special advertising would be something like getting a retailer to mention the Challenge in signage in their shop or a logo on their website, setting up flyers at an event, or some other unique undertaking. Entries will be awarded according to the perceived difficulty of the feat.

So... what are you waiting for? Let's get this thing filled up!

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