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Davy's Marzen

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Batch Size (gallons)3.3
Recipe typeAll Grain
Style3B. Oktoberfest/Marzen
Original Gravity1.050
Final Gravity1.012
ABV4.99% (basic)   /   4.98% (advanced)       [what's this?]
Color7 SRM
Boil Time90 min

YeastWhite Labs WLP830 (German Lager)

Vienna Malt4 lbs 8 oz69.2%3.5
Munich Malt2 lbs30.8%9

Tradition (Boil).5 oz606%17
Tradition (Boil).3 oz206%5

DirectionsNote this recipe is for a 3.3 gallon batch.

I prefer Best Malz Light Munich for this recipe, but you can use whatever Munich malt you like. You can also add 1-3% acidulated malt in lieu of the lactic acid.

I use low alkalinity water (< 40pmm) and try to keep my Ca to at least 50ppm. You want modest levels of Cl, SO4, and Na, but not too much. I would try to keep Na and SO4 below 50 ppm and Cl below 100pmm.

Mash at 2 quarts water per pound of grain.

Dough in at 136 F to reach a strike temperature of 130 F. Hold protein rest for 10 minutes. Check pH and if necessary, adjust to 5.4 with lactic acid.

Directly heat mash tun up to 145 F. Hold maltose rest for 20 minutes, then pull thick decoction. Heat decoction to 160, hold 15 minutes, then bring to boil. Boil 30 minutes, then add back into main mash to raise main mash temperature to 160. Hold dextrinization rest for 60 minutes. Mash out and sparge as you normally would.

Boil 90 minutes, adding hops at 60 and 20. I use a bit of irish moss (~1 tsp) and Fermaid K (~1/2 tsp) added at 15 minutes.

Pitch decanted 1.5 L stir plate yeast starter at 45 degrees.
Ferment at 50 degrees for 4 weeks.
Lager at 38 degrees for 4 weeks.
Keg, adding gelatin if desired.

Alternatively, follow Brulosopher's fast lager method.

Wonderfully rich yet very clean Vienna and Munich malt flavor. A little nutty, a little toasty, and very bready. Medium bodied and at the lower end of the gravity range for the style makes it a little too easy to drink a lot of this in one sitting!

This all grain Oktoberfest/Marzen homebrew recipe was submitted by davy_g.