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Eden Prairie, MN
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What is your opinion on whether American Wheat should have a crisp finish? I don't necessarily mean what the BJCP guidelines allow, but rather what makes an outstanding American Wheat (because I am sure we can agree that American Wheat is one of the worst-abused styles out there).

If yes, how crisp should that finish be? And how do achieve that?

I've heard a couple conflicting theories:
  • controlling mash pH and having high(er) sulfate levels, which is definitely a way to achieve that in hoppy styles
  • soft water and high mash pH (maybe 5.8-6.0)

Posted 34 days ago.

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Birmingham, AL
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See, I usually don't enjoy American wheats, as I think they are just boring.  A crisp finish would be a nice feature, I'd think.

Posted 34 days ago.

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For non Wit and non Weizen wheat beers, what I've likes so far is bottom fermenting and splitting the wheat between malted and unmalted (flakes) so that at least 50% of the wheat is unmalted. If you like to push it in a somewhat grainy direction use the lightest distillers barley malt available, or even a part unmalted barley (flakes).

For me most of the american styles are just old world beers with "couleur locale" added, yeast and hops. The Cali Common yeast would be a fitting one here, but don't use it too warm. All this together gives a nice base to play with hops, keep the IBU's relative low without going to the sweet side and play with aroma (about half of what you put in an APA?).

A variation I realy like is to use the same grist with the newer German hops (Blanc, Opal, Smaragd, Saphir etc.) and an expressive Belgian yeast (Achouffe, Kasteel etc.).

Posted 34 days ago.

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