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Normal, IL
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Hey everyone! So I did my best to replicate the experiment done on Brulosophy that tests the presence of trub on fermentation, give it a read!

Or not, you know, freedom. 

Posted 34 days ago.

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Birmingham, AL
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Well done, sir.

Posted 34 days ago.

Bastrop, TX
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You know I think we all really miss the fact that it makes little difference statistically - I know both you and Marshall call this out... but bares repeating. I have stopped worrying so much about trub getting into the fermenter now that I am not fighting my plate chiller.

Totally anecdotal note:

That stupid hopback beer I made a few weeks back (no hops in the boil) resulting in the most crystalline wort I have ever seen. Not surprising given the circulation through 12 ounces of whole hops for 25 minutes. However the fermentation was one of the wierdest ferments ever. The krausen (US-05 rehydrated and pitched proper cells to gravity & volume) came up in tiny rafts and bobbled up and down like bloated sea monkeys. I usually pull trub after 3 days of primary - but there was only freakishly white creamy yeast (which I harvested). Raised the temp to 68 F to finish. When I racked to keg, the yeast/trub boogers were still suspended in the wort so little brown snot bullets were pushed through my racking tubes into the kegs. Hoping that some SuperKleer will drop all of that - will find out tomorrow when I pull the first pint. Beer attenuated as expected so no surprise there. Still hard not to intercede when fermentation does 'look' normal - I assume because the trub was completely filtered out by the hopback.

Unfortunately the temps dropped to far when I recirculated so this tastes barely like a Pale Ale rather than the IPA were were hoping - its a Centennial/Cascade flavor bomb though. Going to have to do it again.

Posted 34 days ago.

Riverside, NJ
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Whelp, between these write-ups and my own experience, I no longer worry about getting everything into my fermenters

Posted 34 days ago.

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Analytische Erfassung sowie technologische und technische Beeinflussung der L¤utertr¼bung und des HeiŸtrubgehalts der W¼rze  und deren Auswirkungen auf G¤rung und Bierqualit¤t -Florian K¼hbeck (PDF) A 189 page dissertation on the subject, it has an English Summary and a few scientific articles near the end

Posted 34 days ago.
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