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Birmingham, AL
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So today, I finally did dump that infected Oktoberfest.  I smelled it first - and I was pleasantly surprised that it smelled like beer, and nothing else.  So, I tasted it.

Damn, I'm sad.  Leaves or no leaves, this would have been a tasty beer.  There was a ton of maltiness there.  It makes me think that a successful brew of this recipe might indeed yield something reasonably comparable to the fabulous Hofbrau I was trying to get close to.

Sadly, though, there was a definite funky tang to it, and it had true... "weird" finish.  It wasn't gross like a lot of the sours that I've tried (that people tell me are so amazing), but that sour note was present for sure.  

I wrestled with it a bit, but I just couldn't see drinking five plus gallons of it.  And would I bottle it, risking bombs while the wild crap kept fermenting?  Would I tie up this carboy for months on end?

Nope.  It's gone.  My apologies to Brian and others who probably would have appreciated it more than me.

Oxycleaned the heck out of the carboy (including dropping  arag in and swirling till everything shone), rinsed like crazy, soaked it in a strong bleach solution, rinsed like crazy, coated it in undiluted iodaphor for a couple of minutes, added the water and soaked in a strong ioadphor solution, rinsed, applied strong star san solution.  

If anything survives that in a glass carboy, it deserves to take the thing from me. 

Posted 34 days ago.

Plano, TX
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Sad day dude. I definitely agree with you though. I've had a couple confirmed unintentional infections and I don't like trying to drink them. The intrusive off flavors in every sip just remind me of a beer that could have been...

Posted 34 days ago.
Edited 34 days ago by TheReverend5

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