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Somerville, MA
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I'm hosting a barbecue next month, and I want to brew a blond ale for those who aren't very big into beers. My cream ale was a big hit last year, but I wanted to do a blond this time in order to split off a gallon of it to throw in the dried hibiscus petals. Since this is my first blond, I'm just looking for a little input. Here's what I have:

1.050 SG, 1.007 FG
20 IBU

94% US 2-Row
5% Honey Malt
1% Flaked Barley

9 IBU of Warrior at 60 min
11 IBU of Citra at 20 Min Whirlpool

090 San Diego Super Yeast

Like I said, I'm looking to make this beer accessible to all. Thoughts?

Posted 34 days ago.

Charter Member
Birmingham, AL
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I think that you've nailed a nice, accessible beer.  I don't see what there is to change about this one.

Posted 34 days ago.

Charter Member
Riverside, CA
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I see no flaws in your plan.

Posted 34 days ago.

California, USA
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Looks pretty good by me, too! I just brewed a blonde ale that was heavy on the Citra late-hopping, and that really made a delicious beer. So, you've got a winner, I think.

Posted 34 days ago.

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