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Eden Prairie, MN
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So I was in the market for a 5L Erlenmeyer flask. I found a great deal on this 5L PYREX media bottle (hope the pic uploaded), and snatched it up. Hope I can run this on a stir plate, as well as use the threaded cap to make "stirred, not shaken" starters in the manner described by Mark V (aka S Cerivisae / The Yeast Whisperer).

Anyway, I'm excited about the addition to my family (of glassware)...

Posted 34 days ago.

Kula, HI
137 Posts

For starters this big, are you typically going to use some for the wort you have present, and save the rest for future use?  Or just using it for insanely big beers/

Posted 34 days ago.

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