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I've brewed one batch split batch
IPA with The Yeast Bay's Vermont Ale yeast and Funktown Pale yeast. The
Funktown yeast is a blend of VT Ale and a "fast fermenting" Brett
strain.   I fermented these earlier in the year, bottled each after 3
weeks. Didn't control temp at the time. Ambient was ~67-70F.  I also
thought 3 weeks was good enough, especially after using a healthy starter
for each. Both beers tasted about the same at bottling and even two
weeks in bottles. Eventually the Brett bottles started to slightly
overcarb and also had much more of the Brett character shine through.
They turned out great by the time I finished them a month later. I made
sure that they wouldn't turn into bottle bombs.

I'd love to use this one again but want to check on temps
and timeframe for Brett and this specific strain. TYB website suggests
"fermenting at 67-69 ºF for 3-4 days, and then raising the temperature
to 72 ºF until a stable gravity is reached."  Since I'd like more of the
funk to shine through, is it crazy to leave it at 72F for 3-5 days and
then ramp to 80F?  Speed up the Brett metabolism and get some good

Posted 34 days ago.

Las Vegas
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Temperature ranges for Brett is one of those things that isn't well documented.  However, and if I am understanding you correctly, you are actually blending Sacch and Brett and pitching them at the same time.  I would stay with the upper 60's as advised for two reasons: 1. you know that the Sacch has a good chance of throwing out off flavors at a higher temperature during primary fermentation.  2. I have experienced TYB Brussels Brett blend giving up higher fusels at hooter temperatures when it was pitched into secondary.  

For the best quality beer, I would go with the advised temp range, and allow a couple of months for a stable final gravity.  This is about as fast as anyone seems to be doing Sacch + Brett beers.  Brett, when combined with Sacch, just seems to be able to attenuate further than if Brett is pitched 100%, and it does so over the period of a few months.  

Posted 34 days ago.

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