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Howdy folks, first time posting here. I'm trying to emulate the classic bready notes of Maris Otter as base malt. Unfortunately, I'm currently in Asia where there's no source for English malts and but I do have continental malts, Weyerman/Castle. I love brewing english beers and I'm looking for that malty, bready backbone English Milds and Bitters have. So, in my last batch I substituted the base malt in my original recipe with a blend of 75% Pale Malt and 25% Vienna Malt. The beer is just coming out of primary and I'm looking forward to comparing the results, but was just wondering what y'all's thoughts were and if you had any ideas. Cheers!

Posted 34 days ago.

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Welcome Chinsi,

that is near impossible, making a MO from Pilsner or Pale malt. Making a ritcher Pale malt can be done by adding a touch of Biscuit malt and a bit of Aromatic/Melanoidin malt.

In your quest for a Bitter or Mild you'll also run into problems with the Crystal malt. The English Crystals taste different from the Continental Cara's and are of bigger influence than the base malt.

Starting from a very basic Bitter,
90% English Pale
10% English Crystal (120 EBC)

you could look into something like

xx% Continental Pale (Castle)
10% Caramalt 120 EBC (Castle or Weyermann)
1-3% Aromatic 50 EBC (Castle)
2-4% Biscuit 50 EBC (Castle)
2-5% Brewers Invert Sugar II or III (DIY)

The beer will be on the darker side of a bitter

Posted 34 days ago.
Edited 34 days ago by ingoogni

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