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Eden Prairie, MN
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What is the effect of overpitching / underpitching on ester production?

It seems the conventional wisdom -- at least on /r/homebrewing -- is ‎that underpitching results in more esters, and vice versa.

But in "IPA", Mitch Steele says the opposite. Something about large amount of yeast taking up acetyl-CoA . And Neva Parker, in her Fermentation Mythbusters presentation at a NHC, has a slide that shows the same relationship as Steele.

Posted 34 days ago.

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Somerville, MA
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That's a good question. I've always subscribed to the "conventional" wisdom about under-pitching. One time I made a hefeweizen and made sure to underpitch the yeast in order to help draw out more of the banana flavor esters. It was quite banana-y, but I haven't made that same recipe with a healthy pitch of yeast to see if the underpitching itself made the difference. That might make a good xBmt to try; I've been itching to make another hefeweizen recently.

Posted 34 days ago.

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Birmingham, AL
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I've read on this, and it seems that the conventional wisdom is pretty spot on.  I have read that a massive overpitch can lead to as many attenuation problems as an underpitch, which I thought was interesting. 

The big ide effect I see to overpitching is bland beer with a thinner body.

Posted 34 days ago.

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