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Birmingham, AL
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Today, my wife came home from Costco with a case of Sierra Nevada. In it were four varieties - their session IPA, pale ale, pilsner, and IPL.

I tried a bottle of the 11.5 Degrees Plato - the session IPA.

For the record, I'm not a huge session IPA fan. By and large, I've found them to be just watered down IPAs that lack the big aroma that I'm looking for.

Holy cow. This was not that sort of beer.

The aroma was absolutely HUGE - on par with some of the best IPAs of any sort that I've had in bottles. Really big fruity, flowery nose on this one.

The flavor is excellent - sure, it's light, but there is a difference between "light" and "watered down". There is plenty of hop flavor here. Bitterness is balancing, but not at all overbearing; malt is perfect to support the hops. And true to the session label, it is super drinkable - even for a lightweight like me.

This is quite simply an excellent beer. The 85 or so that BeerAdvocate gives it is easily too low in my book.

Posted 34 days ago.

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