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Im still trying to figure out how the hell my Bitter got 25/28. Swear it seems worse than that.

It appears my taste buds are back to functioning normally, and im honestly not sure im going to be able to finish that keg of beer. Oi.

Anxious to see the comments on it to find out exactly what the off flavors are, im terrible at identifying them.

And unfortunately my IPA just kicked. Had a full glass earlier tonight and it kinda seemed more like a pale ale, probably why it was marked down. Also maybe a bit too 'heavy'. Could have used a sugar addition probably.

On Tue, Nov 1, 2016 at 9:53 PM, homebrewdad <[email protected]> wrote:
There are a couple of things to know.

37/40 is an excellent score, as I stated. Most of our medals went in the 35-40 range; the very highest score we gave was a 46, I believe. However, I think there was only one other that scored above 42. 40 is quite tough to get.

You're probably not going to ever see a 50. Again, 45+ is a world class example of a given style.

Now, then. Medals are not handed out by raw score only, especially in styles that have multiple flights of beer. You can't expect one pair of judges to rate 30 beers in one sitting, so it's divided into multiple sittings, often with different pairs of judges.

The top X beers per flight will then advance to a mini best of show round, where they are simply ranked. It is entirely possible for a winning beer to have scored lower than other beers in the category.

Posted 34 days ago.

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Yeah, got a 38/35 on a beer I was truly disappointed in. I actually thought about not even sending it in just to save money on the shipping. If that's the case I'm about 99% my previous batch would of taken a medal :(. Hope the sheets give some detail.  

Posted 34 days ago.

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