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Central WI
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Im not much of a coffee drinker (i like coffee, but i prefer tea so i tend to drink that).  I see a lot of coffee stouts out there, but im kinda thinking of trying to make a beer with some kind of english tea.  

Earl Grey is my tea of choice, though im not sure how the bergamot will play with the beer.  Its somewhat citusy, so it might end up good...i just have no experience with it and would rather not waste some spendy tea if its going to taste like ass.

Also curious on when to add it.  I'd think you wouldnt want to boil it (tannin), but is tea safe to add post fermentation?

Maybe add it ~30 seconds before flameout, or at flameout and just let it steep while chilling/whatever ends up in the bucket?

Posted 34 days ago.

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The Internet
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Are you cold extracting or hot extracting? Any hot extraction should be sanitary and could be added at any point in the process, even post fermentation.

How will you know if you like it? Buy a commercial example of the beer youre thinking about making, make some tea, and mix together in very controlled amounts. It should give you an approximation for the beer you want to make.

Posted 34 days ago.

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San Elijo Hills, CA
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You could try cold steeping tea or maybe even just making regular tea in different strengths and pouring it into a pint until it "tastes right". Once you find the right level scale upward.

Alternately, take a bottle, add a measured portion of tea, re-cap, and try every couple of days to simulate "dry tea-ing."

Posted 34 days ago.

Richmond, VA
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I would say steep it for normal length of time, maybe 1.5 times you would normally afree flameout. I've been thinking of doing an English pale like this. 

Posted 34 days ago.

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