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I just recently brewed 2 (almost) SMaSH beers.  They used Mosaic and Azacca.  Here's the recipe for them:


2 gallon batch. Mash 148F for 60 min. pH 5.3

  • 95% Maris Otter

  • 5% Carapils


Calculated 50 IBU

  • Warrior - 0.1 oz - 60 min

  • Hop - 0.3 oz - 10 min

  • Hop - 0.3 oz - 5 min

  • Hop - 0.4 oz - Flame out, 15 min steep

  • Hop - 1 oz - 5 day dry hop


WLP008 - East Coast Ale

I got the 2 oz of Azacca from Yakima Valley dank and sticky pack.  It
definitely has some of that resiny character that I like.  I'm awful at
picking up on specific flavors and describing them, so I was also
scratching my head for a while trying to identify the other semi-fruity
flavor that seemed all too familiar.  Ended up connecting it with the
"funk" flavor from Brett.  Curious if anyone else has made this
connection or noticed it.  I don't think it's the yeast since I didn't
notice it in the other batch.  Could have gotten some wild Brett in
there but doubt it.

Posted 34 days ago.
Edited 34 days ago by turduckenpillow

California, USA
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Hmm...I'm similarly challenged on palate/aroma, but can't say I really picked up any 'funk' with a recent Azacca-centered batch that I brewed. I got more tropical fruit & citrus than anything else, and it wasn't terribly strong even with 2 oz. of dry hopping.

Posted 34 days ago.

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