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Encinitas, CA

I've got a .7L starter going on a vial of yeast that is 7 months old. I'm going to step it up tonight, but I don't have time to cold crash it and decant, so it will go from .7L to 2L (I calculated the step up I needed was 1.3L). Do I make the 1.3L at 1.037 or do I make it at 1.054 so it will dilute down to ~1.037?

Interestingly, the Online Yeast Calculator and the Downloadable Yeast Calculator are giving different values for the required cells (by 100b cells), but it seems to give better information on each step and seems to imply that the second step is completely separate from the first (which to me implies crash and decant). Are the downloadable and online supposed to give different estimates?

Posted 34 days ago.

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