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BrewUnited Articles

Following is the repository for the BrewUnited brewing articles. These articles are meant to be instructive and/or helpful resources for home brewing.

A Guide To Beginning Kegging
A complete guide to kegging for beginners. What you need to buy, and how to go about putting it all together.

Brew in 90 Minutes - Modified Parti-gyle
Employ the parti-gyle as a great way to get more than one beer out of your brew day!

Bru'n Water Primer
Bru'n Water is a great tool for managing your homebrewing water chemistry. This primer will help you to get it set up.

Creating Syrup from First Runnings
I boiled a gallon of my first runnings down to syrup for my Christmas ale. Here's how to do it.

Culturing Yeast from the Bottle/Can
Culturing yeast from a bottle or can

Decoction Mashing: Taste the Magic
Decoction mashing in an Old World method of adding color and flavor to a beer. Here's how to do it.

Delicious Spent Grain Bread
This recipe for spent grains bread will bring serious enjoyment to your entire household.

DIY Universal Heating Element
Use this handy guide to make a DIY 120v 1500w heating element for brewing.

Fast Ferment Testing
yeast, attenuation, forced ferment test, fast ferment test, starter, harvest yeast

Homebrew Dad's 16 Favorite Homebrewing Gift Ideas for Under $100
I provide sixteen gift ideas for homebrewers, keeping all but one of them under the $100 price tag.

Homebrew Dad's 2015 Homebrewing Gift Guide
Here is the 2015 homebrewing gift guide, featuring great gift ideas for that homebrewer in your life.

How Big Does My Mash Tun Need to Be?
Use this helpful chart to determine how big of a cooler you need to purchase for converting to your mash tun.

How I Harvest Yeast for Future Brews
I walk you through how I personally harvest yeast for my own brewing - which is simply a minor adaptation of the Brulosophy method.

How Much Priming Sugar Does My Beer Need?
Use this advice to help understand just how much priming sugar you should use when bottling your beer.

How to Brew a Better IPA
How I took my IPA's to the next level. Re-post from reddit.

How to Brew an Excellent Pumpkin Ale - Some Tried and True Tips
If you're interested in making a great pumpkin ale, you could do far worse than following the tips in this article.

How to Get (and Keep) Great Head in Your Beer
Don't settle for a beer with poor head retention. These tips can help you create a beer with great, long lasting head.

How to Pasteurize Your Bottles for Sweet Carbonated Cider
Sweet carbonated cider is possible to brew at home, and it can be done without kegging or specialized gear. Read this article to learn how to do it!

How to use Bru'n Water - Video Tutorials for Water Chemistry
This article provides video tutorials that step you through the use of Bru'n Water, a great tool to help you with brewing water chemistry.

How To Wax Dip Your Homebrewed Beer Bottles
I just waxed two cases of homebrewed beer for use as Christmas gifts. It's easy and fun; here's how to do it.

Let There Be Hops: Brewing a Beer With Continuous Hop Additions
For my 30th birthday, I decided to brew a continuously hopped IPA. It turned out great - here's how I did it.

Liquid Yeast Storage Medium - Beer vs. Water
Water vs. Beer for Yeast Storage

Making a DIY Wind Screen for my Bayou Classic SQ14 Burner
I craft a DIY wind screen for my Bayou Classic SQ14 propane burner. It costs all of five dollars and takes all of five minutes.

On Judging and Organizing: Working on National Internet Competitions
Thoughts on judging and organizing online national homebrew competitions.

Preparing for Competition
Tips for entering homebrew competitions. How to plan, how to ship, and what to expect.

PSA: Whirlfloc-T Usage Instructions, and Some Related Musings
This article explains the usage of Whirfloc T in home brewing to get a good cold break and clarify your home brew, clarify your beer, and make clear beer as a home brewer or homebrewer.

Reviewing the Lavatools Javelin Digital Thermometer
I review the new Lavatools Javelin, a digital thermometer that boats features very similar to those of the Thermapen - at just over half the price.

Split Batching: Optimizing Craft and Experimental Brewing
Split batching is a fantastic way to explore making entirely different beers simply by varying the yeast used at brew time.

The Cost to Build a Homebrewery - End Game Brewing
Building out a full 10 gallon home brew system from top down.

Traditional Lambic Using a Turbid Mash
Are you interested in getting into sour beers, but don't know where to start? This guide will help you understand the turbid mash, and get you going.

Wit's Happenin'? - Return of the Frozen Yeast
Freezing Yeast