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Homebrew Dad's Priming Sugar Calculator

Use the form below to calculate the correct amount of priming sugar to use for carbonating your homebrewed beer at bottling time. Measurements are given in ounces, grams, and cups. Do note that if at all possible, it's best to measure your priming sugar by weight (ounces or grams): not by volume (cups). This is due to the fact that it is possible to pack your sugar either more or less densely, which would then make the measurement inaccurate.

You may pick a style from the dropdown - which will have the calculator aim near the middle of the style's acceptable carbonation range - or you may enter a specific number of volumes to carb the beer to.

For the temperature box, it's generally best to enter the beer's actual temperature at bottling time. The only exception to this would be if the beer reached a higher temperature after fermentation was complete. The point of this temperature is to judge how much dissolved CO2 is already in solution; rises in temperature cause degassing, which mean that you have to add more sugar to compensate. We don't care about the highest temperature during fermentation, since that process creates CO2: but if the beer was heated after final gravity was reached, there would be no way for it to replace the CO2 lost by the degassing.

If you cold crash at bottling time, that's fine - but again, enter the highest temperature that the beer has been sitting at once fermentation was complete. If you enter the cold temp, you may undercarb your beer.

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