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BrewUnited's Beer Calorie Calculator

You have to have a
hydrometer to know your
Use the form below to calculate the caloric content (i.e. the number of calories) in your homebrewed beer. If you do not know the original gravity and final gravity of your beer (perhaps you didn't brew it?), you can still estimate the number of calories by providing the alcohol by volume rate.

Please note, however, that the ABV method will only give you an estimation of the number of calories in a given beer. While that estimate is fairly accurate, giving the OG and FG of a beer is a more precise way to determine the exact caloric content of your beer.

If you enjoy the beer calories calculator or find it useful (or entertaining), please consider sharing it via one of the buttons below. Thanks!

Exact calories (requires OG and FG)

Original gravity (OG):
Final gravity (FG):

Estimated calories (requires ABV - skip if you know OG and FG)

Alcohol by volume (ABV):

How much beer are we measuring?

Serving size (in ounces):
Also, check out this cool article by the AHA on calculating calories from your beer.