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BrewUnited Homebrew Hero: Gregory Ellis

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Hero Name: Gregory Ellis (vinpaysdoc)
Hometown: High Point, NC
Winning Year: 2015
Started Brewing: August of 2013
Won With: Greg won gold with a 35.5 on his American Pale Ale, scored a 39 on his Extra Special Bitter, and scored a 30 on his Strong Scotch Ale.

Brewing Setup: All grain 5 gallon batches indoors. 10 gallon Rubbermaid cylindrical mash tun. Mash on the kitchen stove. Immersion chiller with the water recirculated through a cooler filled with ice.

Favorite Styles: Pale Ales (at the moment)

Bio: Married with four grown children. When not at work (physician) or brewing, Greg rides a road bike, cooks, plays chess, tends the hop plants, or manages a growing yeast bank.