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BrewUnited Homebrew Hero: Cory Meyer

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Hero Name: Cory Meyer (Corbinaack)
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Winning Year: 2015
Started Brewing: 2007
Won With: Cory won gold with a 39 on his Imperial IPA, won gold with a 35.5 on his Brown Porter, and scored a 39.5 on his American Amber Ale.

Brewing Setup: Cory built his current two-tier stand out of unistrut with a BrewersHardware RIMS tube, built-in Banjo Burners, copper manifold & sparge arm, and a custom control box. It's been serving him faithfully for about a year now. Doubles as a great sous-vide machine!

Favorite Styles: Lately his favorite styles have been big stouts, fruited berlinerweisses, IPAs (especially with unique yeasts), and various sour and brett ales.

Bio: Cory is currently a manger at a catering company there in Sacramento, although he's working on getting a foot in the door to the brewing industry. Besides planning and brewing beers, his other hobbies include pottery, cooking, drumming, golf, and biking. He lives with his very homebrew-friendly girlfriend of two years and their irresistibly-cute puppy, Bean.