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Mild Mannered Mistress

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Batch Size (gallons)11
Recipe typeAll Grain
Original Gravity1.039
Final Gravity1.013
ABV3.41% (basic)   /   3.39% (advanced)       [what's this?]
Color20 SRM
Boil Time60 min



Goldings, East Kent (Boil)1 oz455%8.8
Goldings, East Kent (Boil)1 oz155%4.8

DirectionsUsing all British malts is key as is the freshest Fuggles and EKG you can find. Use the older hops at the start of the boil and save the freshest for the late additions. Adjust bitterness for hop age appropriately - you want the firm bitter balance.

Infusion mash at 158 F for 60 minutes.
Mash Out at 170 F for 10 minutes.

Used RO water and Brown Balanced profile in Bru'n Water for hardness, pickling lime to bring mash pH to 5.6. This should enrich the malty character

Pitched about 300 billion cell count - active pitch at high krausen. Chilled and Decanted. Fermentation showed in 4 hours. You will smell roses if you ferment in a freezer or chest.

Fermented low at 64 F. Simulated open fermentation (no airlock or lid seal) and roused yeast 2 times a day for first 2 days to enhance ester formation. Pulled 1-2 gallons through racking arm and poured vigorously into the top of the fermenter. Foam will rise significantly.

At 3rd day, skimmed dirty krausen, then top cropped 1 liter of very active yeast. Stored for new batch.

Refused to clear after 12 days of cold conditioning at 32 F - used SuperKleer to clarify.

Took 3rd Place in category 11 at Bluebonnet Brewoff 2015!

Scored 36 average.

A good example of a Yorkshire Dark Mild. Perhaps a bit too roasty. Yeast will throw unusual flowery esters that compliment the EKG and Fuggles. Roses. Maybe reduce the chocolate malt a bit.

Big malt flavor for such a session beer. Starts with some sweet crystal caramel flavors with a hit of orange preserves with the odd floral note. Toast starts mid palette and finish is fairly dry with a lingering roastiness. Late hops come through, perhaps could use slightly more.

This really should be low carbonated, but I managed to slightly overcarb it. Still, great beer and really easy to drink a few without getting toasted.

This all grain homebrew recipe was submitted by mchrispen.