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Swarthy Satyr

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Batch Size (gallons)5.5
Recipe typeAll Grain
Style5B. Traditional Bock
Original Gravity1.070
Final Gravity1.021
ABV6.43% (basic)   /   6.46% (advanced)       [what's this?]
Color23.8 SRM
Boil Time60 min

YeastWhite Labs WLP920 (Old Bavarian Lager)

Munich Malt9 lbs63.2%9
Vienna Malt3 lbs21.1%3.5
Caramel/Crystal Malt -120L 12 oz5.3%120
Caramel/Crystal Malt - 80L 12 oz5.3%80
Wheat Malt, Ger 8 oz3.5%2
Chocolate Malt 4 oz1.8%450

Hallertauer (Boil)2 oz604.8%21.2

DirectionsThis beer is brewed with a double decoction mash.  Rest steps are as follows:
  • Acid rest @ 97 degrees F (60 min)
  • Sacc rest @ 144 degrees F (15 min)
  • Sacc rest @ 156 degrees F (45 min)
  • Mash out @ 168 degrees F (10 min)

Ferment @ 50 degrees F until 80% attenuated. 

Allow to free rise to mid sixties F for a diacetyl rest.

Lager @ 33 degrees F for at least eight weeks.

Flavor is intensely malty; a bit sweet up front, with surprising depth.  Caramel notes are very evident, and so help me, there is a flavor of licorice in this beer.  Bitterness is low, simply supporting the malt.  Finish is dry enough to prevent it from being cloying. 

This is a very substantive beer.

CreditsThis is a recipe of my own design.  Special thanks go to /u/GirkinFirker of reddit, as he was kind enough to send me this yeast simply because it needed a good home.  This inspired me to create a nice German lager. 

Supposedly, this yeast is ideal for an Oktoberfest, but I just brewed one of those, so I settled on a bock as the malty German lager I would use this yeast for.

Thanks to /r/homebrewing for their input on the recipe, and thanks to Ray Daniels' superb Designing Great Beers for helping me create the original blueprint.

The name comes from the fact that the word bock is also a German slang term for goat. I was looking for a nerdy fantasy tie in, and settled on the satyr (part goat, part man) as an excellent fit. It is swarthy, of course, due to the fact that this beer is a shade dark for the style guidelines.

Recipe Reviews

Type: Drank this Beer

Swarthy Satyr - OK, I may have been mistaken. Smells a little sweet, kind of like root beer. The head came and went pretty quickly. Darker, more complex than when I first had it. Almost a bit of cocoa on the nose. Not really like a Southern Brown Ale. Pretty tasty tonight. The only thing I've got against this one now is that there is no head and something about the carbonation makes me think more of drinking soda pop than beer. This is how my Southern Brown Ale is. Perhaps better head retention would make that perception go away? Anyway, don't give up on this one yet. The flavors are pretty amazing.

The malt flavors really come out to play as it warms up. It's really very tasty.

Probably the strongest vote of confidence is that the Bock convinced me to lager. Not sure if I should thank you or not.......

posted by vinpaysdoc on 9/3/2014

This all grain Traditional Bock homebrew recipe was submitted by homebrewdad.