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Hoppy 30th Birthday IPA

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Batch Size (gallons)5.5
Recipe typeAll Grain
Style14B. American IPA
Original Gravity1.069
Final Gravity1.014
ABV7.22% (basic)   /   7.24% (advanced)       [what's this?]
Color12.3 SRM
Boil Time60 min

YeastWyeast 1272 (American Ale II)

Pale Malt (2 Row) US10 lbs71.4%2
Vienna Malt3 lbs 3.2 oz22.9%3.5
Caramel/Crystal 40L (US) 12.8 oz5.7%40

Centennial (Boil)2 oz6010%0
Cascade (Boil)1 oz605.5%0
Amarillo (Boil)1 oz608.5%0
Citra (Dry Hop)1 oz712%0
Simcoe (Dry Hop)1 oz713%0


Mash @ 154 degrees F for 90 minutes, batch sparge with 190 degree water.  Mash out @ 174 degrees F.

Hop Schedule: (crushed pellet hops into a consistent powder, and mixed well. Used a very sensitive digital scale to measure out additions as precisely as possible)

60 min- 50 min > 6 additions of .04oz> 7.41 IBU
48 min- 38 min> 6 additions of .06oz> 10.25 IBU
36 min- 26 min> 6 additions of .11oz> 16.24 IBU
24 min- 14 min> 6 additions of .186oz> 20.48 IBU
12 min- Flameout> 6 additions of .25 oz.> 12.36 IBU

Ferment at 64 degrees for 2 weeks, then dry hop and wait 7 days, cold crashing on the last day.

It poured a dark copper, and a white velvety head was prominent in the glass

 Aroma was hints of pine with the over arcing smell of fresh grapefruit.

The first sip, sweet malts that turn to a pronounced hop bitterness, ending in a crisp hop bite at the end that lingered just long enough for you to take that next sip. The fullness of the hop profiles really came out. Flavors of oranges, grapefruit, and pineapple all meshed together harmoniously.

It was balanced and smooth, just what I wanted.

This all grain American IPA homebrew recipe was submitted by Buxman14.