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w-rye-ly enebrium

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Batch Size (gallons)11
Recipe typeAll Grain
Style16C. Saison
Original Gravity1.060
Final Gravity1.003
ABV7.48% (basic)   /   7.48% (advanced)       [what's this?]
Color5.1 SRM
Boil Time60 min

YeastDanstar (Belle Saison)

MFB Pilsen20 lbs79.2%1.8
Rye, Flaked (Briess)4 lbs15.8%4.6
RedX (BestMälz)1 lb4%15.2284264
Rice Hulls 4 oz1%0

Hallertau Magnum (First Wort).81 oz600%17.5
Saaz (Boil)3 oz204%10.5
Saaz (Steep/whirlpool)1.41 oz204%2.5
Hallertauer Hersbrucker (Steep/whirlpool)1.41 oz104%1.6

DirectionsUsed a Hochkurz schedule - 60 minutes at 148F, 15 minutes at 158F and Mash Out for 10 minutes. Fly sparged.

I reduced the whirlpool temp to under 170F with a quick recirculation through chiller. Whirlpool pumped for 15 minutes, left to settle for 10. Knocked out to 85F (tap water is warm here in summer).

Temp was dropped to 66F for pitching

Pitched 3 packages of Belle Saison, sprinkled this time onto the 11 gallons of wort at 66F. Allowed this to free rise in my freezer to 72F for 5 days, bumped temp to 76F to finish over 14 days. When gravity is stable, pull yeast (conical) and fine with gelatin and cold crash.

Lagered for two weeks at 34F. Pulled trub till beer was clear, racked and carbed with carbonation stone to 3 volumes.

The flaked rye comes through with complimentary spicy character that matches the Belle Saison contribution. Pitched at 66F and let this free rise to 74F. Fermented very dry, but the yeast and the mash schedule has left a nicely soft body. Color is pale, like a helles and the head stand is impressive (flaked rye?). I intentionally carbonated to 3 volumes using a carbonation stone. No fusels or alcohol heat, although the 7.5% ABV provides some sweetness. I really like this saison. Will play with some late roasts or caramels to bring in some deep color and nuance in future versions.

I added some lactic acid (2 ml) to one keg to get a more tart finish. Worked, but perhaps a sour wort process might make this better.

This all grain Saison homebrew recipe was submitted by mchrispen.