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Anchor Porter Clone

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Batch Size (gallons)5
Recipe typeAll Grain
Style12B. Robust Porter
Original Gravity1.070
Final Gravity1.014
ABV7.35% (basic)   /   7.37% (advanced)       [what's this?]
Color31.5 SRM
Boil Time60 min

YeastLallemand - (Nottingham Yeast)

Pale Malt (2 Row) US12 lbs85.7%2
Caramel/Crystal Malt - 80L1 lb7.1%80
Chocolate Malt 12 oz5.4%350
Black (Patent) Malt 4 oz1.8%500

Northern Brewer (Boil)1 oz608.5%25.2
Cascade (Boil)1 oz405.5%14.3

DirectionsI mash this at 152 for 1 hour, dough-in at 164 with 4.3 gallons and sparge at 170 with 4.7 gallons.  I also boil for 1hour. 

I generally use the dry Nottingham yeast for this and just 1 pack rehydrated about 30ish minutes before pitching.  I ferment at 67-68 and it is usually done and in the keg between 2-3 weeks.  For carbing I just leave it on 30 psi for 36 -48 hours and then serve at around 7-8 psi. 

Another variation I have done with this recipe has been aging the beer on coffee grounds for about 1 week.  What I do is take 1 K-Cup per gallon and cut the top off and pour the coffee straight into the fermenter and siphon off carefully after 1 week.  "Cold steeping" the coffee like this increases the coffee flavors of this beer without adding any additional bitterness.  It is really good with or without the coffee though.

This beer is a very good clone of Anchor Porter, although in a blind side-by-side taste test with multiple tasters it was able to be identified.  So despite not being a perfect clone, it is the same vein as the Anchor Porter.  It has very nice dark chocolate and coffee aromas and flavors, it has a mouth feel that isn't to heavy (making it very easy to have a few) and a nice substantial fluffy head. 

CreditsI believe this recipe was taken from BrewToad originally, but I have brewed it so much now I consider it my own.  It is always very well received and almost always having to be rebrewed to be back on tap at the house. 

Recipe Reviews

Type: Brewed this Beer

This is probably not a fair review of this recipe because the grain bill and yeast are only thing that remained unchanged for the batch I brewed. My LHBS was out of Cascade hops (WTF?), so I used East Kent Goldings in place of the Cascades. I also adjusted the amount of hops down to .75 oz of each to get the IBU down to around 40.

Great roasted flavor with the tiniest bit of alcohol bite. I can see how coffee would really round out this recipe. I'll definitely brew this one again with coffee and a higher IBU.

posted by Snoballz on 2/26/2015

This all grain Robust Porter homebrew recipe was submitted by skaggs77.