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Stonehands Doppelbock

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Batch Size (gallons)6
Recipe typeAll Grain
Style5C. Doppelbock
Original Gravity1.074
Final Gravity1.020
ABV7.09% (basic)   /   7.12% (advanced)       [what's this?]
Color19.1 SRM
Boil Time60 min

YeastWhite Labs WLP833 (German Bock Lager)

Munich Malt - 10L10 lbs60.2%10
Vienna Malt5 lbs30.1%3.5
Caramel/Crystal Malt -120L 14 oz5.3%120
Caramel/Crystal Malt - 60L 8 oz3%60
Melanoiden Malt 4 oz1.5%20

Magnum (Boil).75 oz6014%18.7

DirectionsSingle infusion mash at 156F. Give it plenty of time to convert. I just did a single infusion with a double batch sparge to collect 7.5 gallons and boiled down to 6 in a little over an hour. Single hop addition with 60 mins. 

Don't go overboard on alcohol with a doppelbock, that's why I stick to the lower end of the style - you shouldn't taste the burn, only the smooth maltiness. 

Huge stepped up starter. Pitch very cold (below 45) into very well oxygenated wort. Ferment at 50F until complete, usually 10 days or so. 

I've bottled and kegged this beer. The bottles age very well, they actually do better than the keg version I believe. They take forever to carbonate though. I usually lager in the keg for at least 3 months on this one. Even when bottling, I'll lager in the keg, then transfer to a bottling bucket and bottle normally-knowing it will be some time before they carb (I don't add additional yeast even when it's lagered for so long). 

Ages extremely well, improves with age. 

This beer won first place in the 2011 Nashville NHC regional competition, advanced to the second round, and took home a silver medal in for the bock category. The comment that I got on it that stood out was that it tastes like fresh Ayinger Celebrator. It's phenomenal if you like doppelbocks. Looking at the recipe, it's probably more complex than I would put together now (I'm of the opinion that simple grain bills make better beer) but I won't change a thing on this one. 

Recipe Awards
Award Winning Recipe! 2011 NHC Nashville Regional 1st Place
Award Winning Recipe! 2011 NHC Final Silver Medal
Award Winning Recipe! 2015 NHC St Louis regional second place

This all grain Doppelbock homebrew recipe was submitted by Stonehands.