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Hop Excess IPA

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Batch Size (gallons)6
Recipe typeAll Grain
Style14B. American IPA
Original Gravity1.063
Final Gravity1.013
ABV6.56% (basic)   /   6.57% (advanced)       [what's this?]
Color6.5 SRM
Boil Time60 min

YeastEast Coast Yeast ECY29 (North East Ale)

Pale Malt, Golden Promise12 lbs87.3%2.5
Weyermann Munich II1 lb7.3%0
Honey Malt 12 oz5.5%25

Mosaic (First Wort).5 oz6012.7%17.8
Galaxy (Boil).5 oz1014%7.1
Mosaic (Steep/whirlpool)1 oz2012.7%9.8
Galaxy (Steep/whirlpool)2 oz2014%23.6
Amarillo (Steep/whirlpool)2 oz208.5%13.4
Mosaic (Dry Hop)2 oz312.7%0
Galaxy (Dry Hop)4 oz314%0
Amarillo (Dry Hop)4 oz38.5%0

DirectionsMash @ 150 degrees F for 60 minutes

Ferment @ 72 degrees F until terminal gravity is reached.  Immediately dry hop for three days.  Cold crash and package.

Massive, massive hop aroma.  Lots of dank, piney, and spicy elements, followed by citrus and fruity hop notes.

For the first week or so, the dank hop flavors really overpowered the fruity ones, but over time, they reached an equilibrium where the citrus/grapefruit/fruity hop flavors became the strongest element (though those dank/spicy flavors stayed strong).  A little malt sweetness up front, but this beer is clearly all about the hops.  Super drinkable.

This all grain American IPA homebrew recipe was submitted by homebrewdad.