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Bawdy Minstrel

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Batch Size (gallons)5.5
Recipe typeAll Grain
Style10B. American Amber Ale
Original Gravity1.052
Final Gravity1.015
ABV4.86% (basic)   /   4.85% (advanced)       [what's this?]
Color15.1 SRM
Boil Time60 min

YeastWhite Labs WLP810 (San Francisco Lager)

Pale Malt (2 Row) US5 lbs 8 oz48.9%2
Rye Malt2 lbs 8 oz22.2%4.7
Corn, Flaked2 lbs17.8%1.3
Caramel / Crystal 60L 12 oz6.7%60
Rye, Flaked 4 oz2.2%2
Chocolate Rye Malt 4 oz2.2%250

Nugget (First Wort).75 oz6013%17.9
Nugget (Boil).25 oz1013%2
Nugget (Steep/whirlpool).45 oz2013%3

DirectionsMash @ 150 degrees F.

Initially, this beer was supposed to be brewed with six row, but my LHBS was out.  I may try that the nest time that I brew it. 

Ferment @ 60 degrees F. 

At the end of fermentation, free rise to 65 degrees F for diacetyl rest.

Cold crash, package quickly.

A little grainy/sweet up front, lots of caramel flavor, some great fruity esters, and an excellent earthy/spicy contribution from the rye.  Bitterness is plenty to balance.  Super easy to drink, the sort of beer that just begs for a refill. 

One of the very best beers I've ever brewed in more than four years of brewing.

CreditsLots of research into the style - start with the Wikipedia article on Kentucky Common and follow the links there. 

I thought that Revvy's well reviewed recipe was close to what I wanted to brew, so I used his for a template.

This all grain American Amber Ale homebrew recipe was submitted by homebrewdad.