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Oatmeal stout

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Batch Size (gallons)5.5
Recipe typeAll Grain
Style13C. Oatmeal Stout
Original Gravity1.058
Final Gravity1.016
ABV5.51% (basic)   /   5.51% (advanced)       [what's this?]
Color33.2 SRM
Boil Time40 min

YeastWyeast 1318 (London Ale III 1318)

Maris Otter Pale5 lbs 8 oz50.2%3.75
White Wheat Malt2 lbs 9.6 oz23.7%2.4
Crystal 60L1 lb 1.6 oz10%60
Flaked Oats1 lb9.1%2.2
Roasted Barley 12 oz6.8%550

Target (Boil).9 oz411%30.4

Target water (London water from Brewer's Friend):
Ca: 100
Mg: 5
Na: 35
Cl: 60
SO4: 50

Used Austin tap water
Mash 2qt/lb @ 154F
Added campden tablets for chloramines
Added 1g CaCl to mash
Added 3.8ml lactic acid (88%) to mash water
Added 4g slaked lime to boil
Sparged with room temp tap water

Fermented at 67F for 11 days
Cold crashed and fined with gelatin
Kegged and carbonated to 2.1 volumes

This all grain Oatmeal Stout homebrew recipe was submitted by dryerasesnarker.