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Conan IPA

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Batch Size (gallons)5.25
Recipe typeAll Grain
Style14B. American IPA
Original Gravity1.060
Final Gravity1.011
ABV6.43% (basic)   /   6.43% (advanced)       [what's this?]
Color6.4 SRM
Boil Time60 min

Yeast (ECY29 (Conan))

Pale Malt (2 Row) US12 lbs84.6%2
Caramunich Malt1 lb7%56
Cara-Pils/Dextrine 8 oz3.5%2
Caramunich Malt 4 oz1.8%56
Honey Malt 4 oz1.8%25
Acid Malt 3 oz1.3%3

Columbus (Tomahawk) (Boil).5 oz6014%19.7
Centennial (Boil).5 oz6010%14.1
Amarillo Gold (Boil)1 oz100%8.7
Simcoe (Boil)1 oz513%7.3
Centennial (Dry Hop)1 oz510%0
Simcoe (Dry Hop)1 oz413%0
Amarillo Gold (Dry Hop)1 oz30%0

DirectionsWater Profile - Matched Pale Ale Profile in Bru'n Water.


Recipe Reviews

Type: Drank this Beer

Big hiss when I open the lid. Pours a slightly cloudy gold into my pint glass. Huge fluffy white head; I've poured a bit too aggressively and have to let it sit just a bit before I can get it all in the glass. Head slowly recedes to a nice cap that hangs around forever. Very nice, sticky lacing.

Aroma is wonderful. Big floral/citrus hops on the nose; intense, tangy "green" aroma makes me wonder if you wet hopped this one. So inviting, perhaps even a bit spicy.

Flavor is a big bouquet of citrus hops flavor. Strong, very much green - was pretty surprised to learn that no, it wasn't wet hopped. I get a lot of grapefruit from this one (maybe a bit of tangerine?); I swear that I can almost taste the rind at the end of a sip. Malt is plenty to support the flavor, but I don't pick up on any distinctive malt flavors. Ever so slightly sweet at the front, but the balance is very much to the bitter side... a little more than I personally prefer, but I'm guessing that my tastes will continue to shift (this is certainly more bitter than I would have once enjoyed).

I don't get the peach than some have attributed to Conan yeast, but I do get some really, really intense citrus.

Mouthfeel is pretty ideal for an IPA, at least to my way of thinking. Very balanced, middle of the road. Finish is dry and bitter, thanks to the hops. No diacetyl.

Overall... damn, I should have done a video review for this. This is an excellent beer, as good as any commercial IPA that I've had. You really show off the hops without it getting too bitter to be enjoyable. I love the strong "green" hop character that I get from this; I love it.

Excellent job, man.

posted by homebrewdad on 9/24/2014

This all grain American IPA homebrew recipe was submitted by vinpaysdoc.