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End of Saison

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Batch Size (gallons)12
Recipe typeAll Grain
Style25B. Saison
Original Gravity1.057
Final Gravity1.003
ABV7.09% (basic)   /   7.08% (advanced)       [what's this?]
Color7 SRM
Boil Time60 min

YeastArray Array (Saison Brasserie)
Array Array (Saison Blend)
Array Array (French Saison)

Pilsner Malt (Avangard)14 lbs63.3%1.7
Vienna Malt (Avangard)5 lbs22.6%3
Sugar, Table (Sucrose)2 lbs9%1
Caramunich III (Weyermann)1 lb 2 oz5.1%71

Magnum (Boil)1 oz6014%0
Hallertauer (Boil)2 oz154.8%0
Hallertauer (Boil)2 oz04.8%0

Directions17 gallons of distilled water
3/4 tsp phosphoric acid
1 tsp calcium chloride

Mashed at 148 degrees for 75 minutes. 

Boiled 60 minutes

Did not use an airlock. Crimped sanitized foil over neck of the carboy. Set fermentation chamber at 63 degrees for 3 days. Then set temperature of fermentation chamber to 68 degrees for 4 days. Then set chamber temperature to 75 degrees to finish out fermentation. Added airlock after 10 days. 

This all grain Saison homebrew recipe was submitted by wickdawg.