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Bee's Knees Haus Pales (2 ales, 1 brewday)

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Batch Size (gallons)10
Recipe typeAll Grain
Style10A. American Pale Ale
Original Gravity1.058
Final Gravity1.012
ABV6.04% (basic)   /   6.04% (advanced)       [what's this?]
Color10.05 SRM
Boil Time60 min

YeastWhite Labs WLP090 (San Diego Super Yeast WLP090)

Pale 2-Row12 lbs66.7%1.8
Vienna Malt4 lbs22.2%3.5
Caramel / Crystal 60L2 lbs11.1%60

Magnum (First Wort).5 oz014%37
Magnum (Boil)1.5 oz6014%3
Flavor Hop #1 (Boil)1 oz100%0
Flavor Hop #2 (Boil)1 oz100%0
Flavor Hop #1 (Dry Hop)1 oz2550%0
Flavor Hop #2 (Dry Hop)1 oz2550%0

DirectionsThis method produces 2 separate Pale ales from one brew day. The (Magnum/Topaz/Warrior) boil hop used should be neutral in flavor and high in alpha acid (~15%), to bring out the individual characteristics of each unique flavor/aroma hop that will be used later.

At the start of or the day before brewday, soak 1 oz of vodka with 1 oz of hops in a mason jar for each of your 5 gallon pale ales. 

15 minutes before flameout, fill each jar with boiling wort and loosely cover with lid. Add jars of hops while transferring wort to fermentors.

I've had great success trying out and understanding hop varieties using this method.

If you want a lower gravity just change the 2-row to 12

Alternate recipe profile:

68 degrees for 7 days or until activity has slowed but not stopped (very slow bubbling from airlock, but not still), add dry hops. 

Keg or bottle 3-4 days later. 

Bottle condition for 2 weeks and drink ASAP, or keg using your preferred method (shake or wait) and once carbed... drink ASAP.

Fresh hops are the best hops.

Recipe Awards
Award Winning Recipe! 1st Place - Pale Ale, Motown Mash 2014 NJ
Award Winning Recipe! Bronze Medal Winner, War of the Worts 2014
Award Winning Recipe! 4th Place, Redneck Champagne Category, The RUCK Extreme Homebrew Competition

This all grain American Pale Ale homebrew recipe was submitted by mystikhybrid.