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Royal Goblin

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Batch Size (gallons)5.5
Recipe typeAll Grain
Style11C. Northern English Brown
Original Gravity1.060
Final Gravity1.020
ABV5.25% (basic)   /   5.26% (advanced)       [what's this?]
Color16.2 SRM
Boil Time60 min

YeastWhite Labs WLP037 (Yorkshire Square Ale Yeast)

Pale Malt, Maris Otter10 lbs 8 oz87.5%3
Caramel/Crystal Malt - 60L 8 oz4.2%60
Cara-Pils/Dextrine 7 oz3.6%2
Chocolate Malt 5 oz2.6%450
Barley, Flaked 4 oz2.1%1.7

Fuggles (First Wort).57 oz604.5%7
Styrian Goldings (First Wort).65 oz605.4%7.8
Styrian Goldings (Boil).65 oz305.4%5.6
Fuggles (Boil).57 oz304.5%4.9
Styrian Goldings (Steep/whirlpool).65 oz05.4%0
Fuggles (Steep/whirlpool).57 oz04.5%0

DirectionsMash @ 156 degrees F for 60 minutes.

Note the hop schedule - both hops are used at first wort, in the boil, and at flameout.

Ferment @ 65 degrees F.  Leave in primary until time to bottle.  I personally do 3-4 week primaries on normal gravity beers like this.

When I brewed this beer, I ended up tossing in my leftover hops at flameout. At the very least, this was a contributing factor to ending up with a beer with much more hop flavor than I had expected.

Taste follows the commercial version pretty closely overall; a toasty maltiness drives the show. The WLP037 yields some interesting depth via esters that I really find enjoyable - some fruity notes that I can't quite nail down, but that give it character I really enjoy.

However, it's surprising just how much hop flavor this beer has. The balance may actually tip slightly to the bitter side, but it's all about flavor.

I cannot recommend this beer enough if you are a fan of English browns.

CreditsThis is a rendition of Orfy's well respected Hobgoblin clone.  The only changes I have done are to use WLP037 as my yeast, and to add a little flaked barley for head retention, which I do for most beers these days. 

The name "Royal Goblin" is meant as a homage to the original commercial beer.  The "Royal" portion comes from the fact that the yeast is from Yorkshire, which is a seat of the nobility.

Recipe Reviews

Type: Drank this Beer

As usual, the package is impressive.

2 inch off-white head on the pour into the King pint glass. The head laces the glass with drinking and I get a tad of foam across my upper lip. Some caramel notes on the nose. This beer is just plain tasty in the mouth. Nothing seems out of balance. There are lingering caramel notes long after the beer is headed for the stomach. There is a tad of dryness/bitterness on the finish that calls you back to the glass for more.

Olan, if I had ordered this at a local brewpub or bar I'd be smiling about my purchase right now. This is better than most of the craft beers we've brought in to this house. You must have used the flaked barley in this one. The head is still lingering even though I've drank most of the glass.

Bravo sir! I will save the other one for Tami and if she so much as flinches, it will be mine.

posted by vinpaysdoc on 9/3/2014

This all grain Northern English Brown homebrew recipe was submitted by homebrewdad.