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Hoppy Brewer's APA

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Batch Size (gallons)4
Recipe typeAll Grain
Style10A. American Pale Ale
Original Gravity1.058
Final Gravity1.008
ABV6.56% (basic)   /   6.56% (advanced)       [what's this?]
Color10.4 SRM
Boil Time60 min

YeastWyeast 1272 (American Ale II)

American 2-Row7 lbs 3.2 oz69.3%1
Munich 10L (Briess)1 lb 12.16 oz16.9%7
Cane (Beet) Sugar1 lb 1.6 oz10.6%0
Caramel/Crystal Malt -120L 5.28 oz3.2%120

Columbus (Tomahawk) (Boil).5 oz6014%24
Citra (Steep/whirlpool)1 oz012%3
El Dorado (Steep/whirlpool)1 oz015%3
Columbus (Tomahawk) (Steep/whirlpool).5 oz014%1.5
Citra (Dry Hop)2 oz012%0

DirectionsI performed a 60 minute mash with half of the total water, approximately 3.6 gallons.  The target mash temperature was 146 F.  I then did a single batch sparge with the remaining water.  Boil for 60 minutes adding bittering hops at start of boil.  With 10 minutes remaining in boil add cane sugar.  Once boil completes add remaining hops and allow to steep for 15 minutes.  Cool and pitch yeast once wort reaches 62 F.

Fermented around 62-64 F.  Once krausen dropped and gravity was close to final, I added the dry hops (loose pellets,) for 4 days.  Originally, I had planned to use only 1 oz for dry hopping but I suspected the first ounce had an off odor so I opened another bag.  Both hops were determined good and not wanting to waste good hops both were added to fermenter.  After dry hopping I bottled with a CO2 target of 2.6 volumes.  

A note on the yeast.  I used BRY-97 American West Coast by Lellamand that was several months past expiration date.  I made a 2 liter starter and saved 1 liter for later and pitched the remaining 1 liter decanted.  I had a strong fermentation from the relatively fresh yeast and got better than expected attenuation as the recipe was designed to finish at 1.013.

CreditsI'm submitting this recipe as a requirement for getting it reviewed by homebrewdad staff.

This all grain American Pale Ale homebrew recipe was submitted by hoppybrewer.