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Central WI
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I am not a BJCP judge, but i was encouraged by multiple other charter members to post review of beer.  

I will start this review by saying that I am not much of a wine person.  I cant drink dry wine due to acid reflux, and i have issues finding a good sweet wine.

For those that dont know, DFH 61 is a beer made with grape must, so there is a certain amount of wine character to it.

When poured into a standard pint glass, there isnt a ton of head, and the beer lacks lacing.  Frankly, thats fine by me, i mostly care about flavor and aroma.  

The aroma is fairly unique.  I certainly pick up some hopiness in it, but theres definitely a deeper note that comes from the grape must.  

The aroma seems to have a bit of fruityness to it, though some of that might be because i know theres grape must in it.  When i try to imagine myself drinking this beer without knowing whats in it, I cant help but think i'd be lost.  To me, thats the 'wildcard' of the must thats in it.  

The flavor is somewhat unique, simply becuase ive never before had a beer that was partially infused with must.  This is essentially a half beer, half wine.

Im quite picky on wine because of my heartburn/acid reflux issues, but this is quite pleasant, and in my experience unique.  

Its not dry to me, but its also not cloyingly sweet like say... MD 20/20 (which i will drink).  The combination of must and wort is actually very pleasant.  The beer adds body that isnt normally there, while the must adds a bit of dryness, and a surprising amount of flavor.  


So.  What it comes down to (to me) is that this is a beer with a certain grape fruityness that you wont find in other beers.  The aroma is quite unique to me in a beer.

If there is any hop character, its a fruity hop that i cannot distinguish from grape.  Thats not a bad thing however.  This beer is not an IPA.  It is not a Bitter.  Its a beer made from a significant portion of grape must.

If you enjoy trying new things, and beers that blur lines, i would definitely recommend it if you can find it.  Its not your standard beer, but its quite enjoyable to drink!

Posted 34 days ago.
Edited 34 days ago by Necropaw

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Birmingham, AL
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This is cool.  I don't think that I'd ever heard of this one before you mentioned it.  I'm not a wine guy at all, but I think that I'd like to try a hybrid beverage like this.

Posted 34 days ago.

Riverside, NJ
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Thankfully DFH is not too far of a drive from where I live (within two hours) so I get a lot of their beers in my local stores. They work closely with a professor at my old job at UPenn to develop some very unique historic recipes. I highly recommend checking out a variety of their beers as they try to explain the history behind them as well. I remember the owner chewing grain and spitting it into a tun to make a pilot batch of a south american brew. Clearly they changed the process for the commercial production.

Posted 34 days ago.

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