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Birmingham, AL
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Brewery: Coors Brewing Company
Style: Belgian Pale Ale
ABV: 5.6%

This is yet another from the "Brewmaster's Seasonal Sampler" from Blue Moon that my wife got me for Valentine's Day.

Belgian pales aren't my very favorite style, but surely it's an easy one to pull off.  Right?


Aroma: that familiar Blue Moon yeast dominates.  Some light malt aroma, reserved hops... and a weird, overripe fruitiness.

Appearance: pours a clean light copper with a half finger of off white foam.  The foam fades fast, leaving nothing but a slight ring behind.  No lacing.

Flavor: funky frutiness, some sweetness up front, followed by a flat, somewhat harsh bitterness that reminds me of orange pith. None of the elements blend very well.  Almost a chalky aftertaste.

Mouthfeel: fairly watery, with a little slickness that coats your tongue a bit.

Overall: This is not a terribly pleasant beer.  I certainly would not advocate intentionally buying it, and Iwouldn't blame you for avoinding it altogether. 

The Blue Moon variety pack continues to underwhelm.

Posted 34 days ago.
Edited 34 days ago by homebrewdad

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