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Bastrop, TX
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Schwarzbier - 4c

Aroma: Very light hints of coffee and cream. Sweet malt. No burned roast, no sulfur, no esters. Clean fermentation. Very low aromas from low carb.


Appearance: Dark coffee brown to black, very clear with ruby highlights, off-white head falls very quickly to barest ring of bubbles. Soda like.


Flavor: Sweet side of pils, grainy. Some low biscuit. Rich roast coffee character. Some hop bitterness. Balanced toward malt. Very light smoky phenol. Quick finish with a pleasant roast coffee aftertaste.


Mouthfeel: Light body, low carb. No warmth. No creaminess. No/low astringency. * Needs proper carbonation - after headstand dropped to very low carbonation.


Overall Impression: Good beer with potential. A boost in hop bitterness with a dryer finish would help. Higher level of carbonation needed. Consider some dextrine or a Hochkurz step mash to add some foam and body.


As you mentioned, this was not the strongest of the three, but a very good beer still. I think bottling off the tap didn't help with this one. There is a delicate dance to walk here with building some body, increasing the bitterness and ensuring a nice rocky head can be delivered. The beer was nearly flat after the tiny bit of foam fell away, and the lack of carbonic bite made this drink on the sweet side. A little more hop character can help add some aromatics to balance out the aroma, but that is a nit.

Hey I really enjoyed tasting your beers - all around very good! If you haven't yet, I would suggest posting a couple of the recipes here.

Posted 34 days ago.

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