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Clovis, CA
3 Posts

Hi there! I've been poking around here for a fair bit but I don't think I've posted before. Life conspired against me for a fair bit, so I was not really able to brew for far too long. 

I remedied that this past weekend with the encouragement of my fantastic wife. She bought me an 8x12 Tuffshed to use as a brewshed, so to show my appreciation, I figured I'd better get to brewing. ;)

Anyhow, hi, again and cheers!

Posted 34 days ago.

Charter Member
Birmingham, AL
2480 Posts

Hey, that sounds great.  Welcome!

Posted 34 days ago.

Charter Member
Eden Prairie, MN
301 Posts

That is so awesome. Welcome!

Posted 34 days ago.

Wenham, MA
45 Posts

That is great! If my wife bought me a shed for brewing, it would likely mean that she want's me to freeze to death!
Fortunately she is supportive too and allows me to use any space I need as long as I clean up afterward.
Friends and relatives routinely check my brew closet to see what is fermenting.
I've been here less than a year and enjoy stopping in to see who is posting and what I can learn.

Posted 34 days ago.

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