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Kula, HI
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So after so much trouble with my stupid cooler MLT, I'm wanting to move forward with new equipment.  Here's what I was thinking:

Initially was going to purchase 2 more vessels and a ToP control module, and go the HERMS route.

Now I'm thinking in the meantime as I go that way, what if I did BIAB?  I'm doing BIAB now anyway, but if I hooked it up so that it would recirculate and kick on the burner to heat it up when needed...does that sound like a decent idea?  A false bottom would be in place to prevent scorching of the grains.  I figure measure the temp of the wort going back in to the top and allow the burner to kick on when the temp needs to go up a bit?  The module is designed for RIMS anyway, so the way I see it I'm just doing it as designed without any other kettles in the setup.

Posted 34 days ago.
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Birmingham, AL
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I think that this sounds like an interesting idea.

Posted 34 days ago.

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