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Rojo Oktober - North American Festbier

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Batch Size (gallons)11
Recipe typeAll Grain
Style4B. Munich Dunkel
Original Gravity1.060
Final Gravity1.012
ABV6.3% (basic)   /   6.3% (advanced)       [what's this?]
Color7 SRM
Boil Time90 min

YeastWhite Labs WLP940 (Mexican Lager)

Pilsen (BestMälz)17 lbs 8 oz75.3%1.5228426
Organic Mexican Blue Agave Nectar2 lbs 5 oz9.9%0
Munich Dark (BestMälz)1 lb 4 oz5.4%12.6903553
Vienna (BestMälz)1 lb 4 oz5.4%4.0609137
Melanoidin (Weyermann) 9 oz2.4%30
Carapils (Briess) 4 oz1.1%1.5
Carafa I (Weyermann) 2 oz0.5%320

El Dorado (Boil).61 oz1515%7.3
El Dorado (Boil).84 oz1015%7.3
El Dorado (Boil)1.53 oz515%7.3
El Dorado (Boil)1.02 oz015%0


Mash @ 148°F for 75 minutes  @ 1.5 ratio ( 7.85 gallons)

Fly sparge with 8.55 gallons @ 168°F

Whirlppol while chilling, drop to ambient, add decanted 4L starter (built up twice for calculated 2.53M cells / mL / °P) continue chiling to  50°F

Ferment 7 days @ 50°F

Raise temp to 55°F, hold for 7 days

Drop temp to 31°F, hold for 14 days

Rack to bottling bucket, prime with honey to 2.5 vol. 

This all grain Munich Dunkel homebrew recipe was submitted by Bealski.