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Charlotte, NC
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First off, long time lurker on Reddit homebrew (super lurker, don't even have a reddit account), glad to make my first post on homebrewdad.

Anyway, I'm going to be doing my first sour soon. I plan on doing a flemish red which I plan on racking onto Noble muscadines at some point in the future. My questions are many, but I have two main concerns:

1). Starter, should I do one with Roselare blend? I want it to be plenty sour as I plan to blend later anyway via oldsock's campden method. I've read conflicting things. Is it good to underpitch?

2). When should I rack this to secondary? I plan on fermenting in a six gallon glass carboy, but I want sach fermentation to be completely done and a smaller component of whatever ferments after adding the muscadines.

Thanks for the advice!

Posted 34 days ago.

Oklahoma City, OK
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I'm not an expert in sours but I will share what I have learned from a few people on reddit. The only experience I have with sours is still in the waiting stage. I had an Orange Vanilla porter get infected on me. I managed to catch it really early before the infection really took over. I made a post to reddit about this and got some great advice from a few well known sour brewing peeps. I ended up just pitching a packet of Roselare and will see where it ends up. 

From what I have learned is that Roselare is a very carefully blended concoction of different strains of yeast and bacteria. I was cautioned not to make a starter because several of the strains in the pack take longer to start their process and thus you will end up with several strains that have a lot higher quantities of themselves and others that didn't have time to take off. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. 

As far as secondary I would assume it's like any other beer. Just rack once primary fermentation is done. I've seen some people just use Roselare as their primary pitching and others that fermented with something else first then pitched Roselare. 

When you transfer to a secondary you will want a little head space as possible and purge with CO2 if at all possible.

Posted 34 days ago.

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