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Eden Prairie, MN
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What beer would you brew for the Spring Equinox, especially if it was to become annual tradition?

I don't mean what's on the brewing calendar. I can look that up, and it's boring.

But rather, what's evocative of the equinox or of the coming renewal of the earth and hope for the upcoming season (cue cheesy music). Serious, though, any thoughts on that?

Posted 34 days ago.

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High Point, NC
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For me, I guess it'd have to be my Pale Ale and utilizing as much of last year's Cascade Crop as possible to make room for the new. Where are those damned shoots anyway? All the Left Coast folks have been posting photos for a couple of weeks. Arghhh.

Posted 34 days ago.

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Birmingham, AL
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To me, it would be something light in color, something easy to drink, something refreshing.  A Helles, maybe?  Or a special pale ale with a certain type of ingredients? 

Posted 34 days ago.

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Normal, IL
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If I were to start a tradition like that, I think I would start a sort of solera. So it is this renewal sort of idea, but more than that. it's about acknowledging the past and recognizing what brought us to where we are, and then taking advantage of the present to improve. 

Posted 34 days ago.

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Well, it's the time for clearing out stocks, nearing the end of the brew season. Work on the farm hast to start up about now. A big saisonesque beer with "all you have" that keeps for the rest of spring and summer and keep second runnings for a small beer to drink fresh. WLP072 would be nice yeast, but it's available a bit too late in season for that.

Posted 34 days ago.

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