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Winona, MN
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Hello everyone!

I recently fell into some good luck with a cousin who is starting a brewery and he gave most of what I need for all grain! I have only brewed two small batches, one extract and one BIAB, so far and I am exited to give it a go.

But the more important thing is he also gave me 3, 5 gal. corny kegs, which I am super stoked about! I am trying to figure out some way to rig up a kegerator system on a college student budget.

I have an Emerson 3.1 Cu. Ft. 2-door compact refrigerator/freezer combo that I would like to turn into a single keg kegerator. The main problem is that there is a solid divider between the fridge and freezer sections. Does anyone know if this is something that I can cut into? I have read that you don't want to cut into the sides of these things but I cant find anything about that section.

Also, Does anyone know of any place to get a cheap 5 lb CO2 tank, regulator, and the gas line and picnic tap? Or would it be better to save my money and go for an expensive tap system? I was looking to get this kit I found on amazon, but the chrome plated tap worries me.

Thanks in Advance!


Posted 34 days ago.

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