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Link to Milk the Funk's page above. Also, check out the linked page with Lance Shaner's experiment and Brian Hiet's commentary.

The TL;DR: is that if you get substantial attenuation or a krausen from pitching lacto into wort, there was yeast contamination. It's possible that this contamination occurred at the commercial lab that produced the lacto or that it occurred in your brewery.

Lance indicates that two of the cultures he tested had saccharomyces contamination in the package in post #11 here:

Posted 34 days ago.

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Thanks for linking the wiki page.  Lance and others have been working on busting this myth for a few months.  Lance's experiment is the first public one (that I know of) that shows that Lacto can't completely attenuate wort.  We've had multiple people in MTF report yeast contamination in their vials of Lacto over the last few months, but this information reaffirms the issue.  

On another note, the WLP677 delbruekii is indeed heterofermentative.  I have not been able to find one scientific paper that refers to any delbruekii strains as being heterofermentative.  It is most likely a misidentified species.  


Posted 34 days ago.
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